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My name is...well it doesn't matter. I was born in Kampala, Uganda and lived both in Bombo and a small town near Bombo. While in Uganda, I studied at Bombo Common School, Bombo until Junior Secondary II (JS II as it was known then). The names of my teachers I can recall are Lalshanker P. Trivedi, Bhimani sir, Babubhai N. Jobanputra, Bachubhai N Desai, Rameshbhai Bhatt, E.C. Noronha, Becharbahi D. Vaghri and Naginbhai S. Patel. What a wonderful small town that life was! Our entertainment was soccer in the evenings at school, gathering at the post office and just hanging around. Also, gathering near the Bata shop (opposite Khoja Khana) was another popular thing to do. Next to the Bata shop was a provisions store and a bar run by the Mascarenhas family. (I am fairly sure it was the Mascarenhas family – I could be wrong but the gentleman was from Goa which I remember very well. They had two dogs – Jack & Roydo.) This provisions store was also where most of the residents bought milk and bread. Milk was delivered to the store from Kampala in the evenings in tetra packs covered with dry ice. Also, outside this bar there used to be a gentleman selling peanuts and we would go to him for free peanuts by saying “doza”, which translated to “give me peanuts for taste”. Going for a long walk towards the hospital was also a popular thing to do. My colleague Mahendra P. Patel was a health nut then and I used to go for an early morning jog with him in the soccer field next to the post office. There was no luxury of owning running shoes in those days and therefore jogging was done with bare feet. Uganda Argus and All India Radio were the main sources of news then until the television made its debut in 1962. Ah! Those were the days!

In 1964 I moved to India and attended Hansraj Morarji Public School (HMPS) in Andheri, Mumbai. It was a big transition moving from living at home in Uganda to living in a boarding school in India. It took very little time to overcome the change and adjust to a new life. My HMPS colleagues that may be reading this would agree that attending this institution truly molds you not only academically, but in other respects as well. It teaches disciplines in so many facets of life and shapes you into a different person because of it. Also learnt here was the famous Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan motto – aano bhadra krtavo yantu vishwatah. It means let noble thoughts come to us from every side. While at HMPS, I lived in Vivekananda House with Mr. O.C. Parkh as our house master. His son Vinay was my classmate. Mr. V. K. Desai was our principal then. English was taught by Mr. V. K. Deasi and occasionally by Mr. Talpade. Our math teachers were several but I remember Mr. Diwan and Mr. G. P. Naik very well. Gujarati was taught by Mr. Pravin Kapadia. Hindi was taught by Batukbhai Desai and Mr. Tiwari. Tiwari sir’s class used to start with a dictation which he referred to as imla (imla, a Hindi word, means “dictation”). Science was taught by T. D. Naik. PE teachers were Mr. Agasthi, Mr. Mohite and Mr. Parab. Those two years at HMPS are still filled with the minutest details of our day to day routine. Waking up at 5:30am and going to the gym at 6:00am, coffee at 6:30am and then running to get in line for a haircut. The aarti bells at 7:15p from Bhavans’s college temple still echo in my ears. There was a little post office on the right near the entrance of the HMPS campus. Thank you Kulpati Munshiji for being the founder of such an exemplary institution. Also the following Bhavans motto has and will ever stay me. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - " The World is one family " and Aa no Bhadraah kratavoyantu vishwatah -" Let Noble thoughts come to us from every side".

I then studied at Bhavans College, Andheri - West (1966-68) and MVLU college at Andheri - East (1968-70), where I received my B.Sc degree in chemistry and physics. After that, I studied at St. Xaviers Technical Institute in Mahim, Mumbai (1970-1972) and earned my D.E.R.E. (Diploma in Electronics and Radio Engineering). The teachers I can recall from this wonderful institution are Father Borges. Mr. Matthew, Mr. Sagar, Jain, Mr. Joshi, Mr. Bhagwat, Mr. Thakoor, Mr. Kanetkar and Mr. Harron. This was an institution where fundamental concepts of engineering were so well emphasized and taught. After this I worked in Mumbai at several companies including Ruttonsha International Rectifier at Vikhroli, Neotronics Corporation at Kanjumarg, Solid State Electronics at Worli, Industrial Electronics at Parel and Tempo Semiconductors at Vile Parle. While in Mumbai, I stayed in several places – Andheri, Santa Cruz, Khar and Vile Parle.

I immigrated to the U.S.A in 1975 and went to school in the Midwest to pursue an M.S. in electrical engineering. Presently, I am settled in the U.S.A. This website is a collection of pictures of friends, families and strangers taken during the last fifty years – a little collection to cherish and reminisce the past. If you recognize yourself in any of the pictures send me an email at kalkiyaadein@gmail.com and we can share some memories. Choti Si Duniya